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MillerCoors Brews a Successful Distributor Conference

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Agency: VWV
Year: 2015

Miller Coors’ Distributor Convention is the most important two days of the year for the company, a chance to educate, motivate and demonstrate how the brand will “win in beer” during the key summer selling period. It’s a time for networking, rewarding outstanding performers and unveiling advertising and marketing plans, capped off by a good, cold beer at the end of the day. This year’s “Go Time!” theme offered a nod to the heavy military presence in San Diego, where the event took place, as well as the company’s advantageous position over the competition and a rallying cry to “Win Summer.”

Before the distributors arrived, the company recognized its top performers at a Sales and Marketing Awards event at Petco Park with an award show on top of the Padre’s dugout and an after party on the field. The convention itself showcased MillerCoors’ Strategic Selling Tools, a toolbox that provides the distributors engagement with the programs and digital strategies offered by the company and answered their perennial “What are you doing for me?” question. The first night’s reception, held outdoors on an unused lawn by the Convention Center, and the closing night private block party on 7th Avenue capped it all off, turning real bars and restaurants into MillerCoors accounts and showcasing the brands in their natural on-premise environments.

In surveys, 97 percent of the 3,500 attendees felt the meeting held value; 93 percent said the company is delivering the tools and programs to drive sales. The block party earned high marks, too.

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