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Miele’s Aerialists Put a Multi-Sensory Spin on Laundry

DB_Miele_2015 Ex
Brand: MIELE
Agency: INVNT
Year: 2015

Miele’s theme for 2014 was “Creating Fascination,” and the launch of its new W1 washing machines and T1 tumble dryers delivered on that promise with an event that had aerialists, tap dancers, acrobats and the W1 and T1 flying through the air. The goal of the event was to expand engagement, drive awareness and excitement by transporting the audience from the mundane to the extraordinary. The unexpected, eclectic and engaging multi-sensory experience, which took place at the Winter Garden at London’s Canary Wharf, did just that.

The unconventional space was inspired by the design of a washing machine drum. As guests enjoyed cocktails, they caught glimpses of a mysterious performance behind diaphanous curtains, then donned noise-canceling earphones for the narration that followed as the performers took to the air. But more than just a product demonstration or warm-up act, each moment of the presentation brought the features of the machines to life, connecting attributes like innovation, creativity and durability to the washer and dryer. To emphasize their strength, an athletic dancer tapped away on the machines’ parts. An aerial ballerina scattered rose petals to depict Miele dryer aromas. After the live show, the audience proceeded through experiential science labs and interactive exhibits that showcased the brand’s high-tech capabilities. Dealers claimed it was the best launch event ever.

More than 600 display units were ordered over the two-day launch, exceeding targeted sales for the entire year and more than paying for the event itself. Press coverage extended beyond the expected industry trades.

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