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Microsoft Spreads the Magic of Disney Using RFID Bands

Year: 2015

How do you impress the world’s most experienced technology companies with your event technology? For Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, it was all in the wrist.

RFID wristbands served as the centerpiece of an event-wide strategy that was designed to facilitate networking, enhance the on-site experience and fuel collaboration among Microsoft’s U.S. partner eco-system. The bands also acted as a real-world and real-time showpiece for Microsoft’s technologies, giving attendees a contextual experience with how the company’s products work and integrate with one another. For example, every activation at every location (which included the Ritz Hotel, Orlando Conference Center and Disney Epcot) were linked together via the Microsoft Azure cloud. And Microsoft Surface tablets with QR code and RFID scanners were used to register attendees.

The attendee experience began upon arrival at the Microsoft U.S. Regional Lounge, where partners registered and connected their RFID band with their Facebook, Twitter and email credentials. Attendees were able to scan QR codes from their mobile phones to easily transfer their registration information to the LED-enabled wristbands.

Over the course of the week, the bands fueled multiple types of attendee engagements and streamlined information gathering into a paper-free experience. Strategically located tap stands and scan-to-share stands at all of the events enabled Microsoft to deliver key event information (calendar updates and event details), encouraged social sharing of the on-site activities including photos and connected guests to information delivered to their inboxes. A sharing feature provided Microsoft with a permission-based opt-in that could amplify branded content on guest’s personal social pages.

Attendees could also use their wristbands to gain entry to exclusive functions, including the Epcot after-hours event where the event technology actually replaced Disney’s in-house access and photo systems on the final evening of the conference and granted attendees the ability to participate in the grand finale fireworks show. The LED components could be controlled by a special infrared network set up throughout Epcot that lit up wristbands as attendees entered special zones where customized activations such as photo kiosks were stationed.

And although they were small, the bands were mighty, delivering a constant stream of data points that the company could track in real time, including registration participation by social network, traffic at each activation area across geography, number of photos, check-ins, information shares and more. In the end, the RFID bands were used by more than 6,000 attendees, generated more than 4,000 check-ins and photos and overall contributed to 8,000 engagements with WPC-related content for a total reach of 4.2 million. We’re with the band.

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