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Microsoft Sets an Elaborate Stage for Xbox 360

DB_E3_2011 ETA
Agency: ZED INK
Year: 2011

The E3 Xbox 360 Media Briefing is an annual event that gives over 3,500 industry influencers a sneak peek into what’s next for the ubiquitous gaming and entertainment system. This year’s event featured Microsoft executives sharing the stage with top executives from Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, as well as 16 live demos, presented by 38 developers and guests, featuring controller and voice-controlled battles, dance performances, sports, interactive monster play, a light saber battle and much more.

It was a virtual nerd’s paradise, made all the more powerful by a stage set that featured three functional demo stages and an eight-screen array consisting of a center 40-foot by 22.5-foot HD rear projection hero screen flanked by seven LED screens on the sides and below. The sound system completed the sensory overload with more than 250,000 watts of amplification and more than 90 speakers in the room. Each presenter and demo triggered a complete environment change with original animations.

A technology called Mbox allowed the team to facilitate last-minute changes and updates from game developers as their products and visuals were being finalized in the final hours before the show. More than 7.5 million viewers watched the broadcast on SPIKE TV or via live stream—a 41 percent increase from 2010. It was the largest live-streaming event in Microsoft’s history.

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