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Microsoft Lets an Infographic Wall do the Talking

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Agency: IN HOUSE
Year: 2014

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is one of Microsoft’s premier conferences. Outside of the tools and technologies the brand built specifically for its audience and the event, Microsoft also relied on social media as a way of engaging and communicating. At the core of Microsoft’s social strategy was live engagement on Facebook and Twitter, which it managed using Sprinklr, a social media management tool allowing it to monitor conversations with persistent search, assign messages to team members working simultaneously and respond to messages.

Microsoft wanted to bring the online conversations into the in-person experience so it worked with and Tagboard to develop a living infographic wall displaying a real-time stream of messages from all over the Internet, including the partners’ own tweets, videos, pictures and posts from Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Twitter. An Infographic updated every minute to show things like the volume of messages being sent, who sent them and where they were from.

In addition, Microsoft streamed the keynotes live on the event microsite, DigitalWPC, and brought the keynote experience to the digital world through live tweeting of quotes, key announcements, and other commentary, and posting live from the press box.

Microsoft sent fewer messages this year, preferring instead to let its partner network determine and carry the conversation. Despite this, it experienced a social reach of 15.7 million up from 14.8 million in 2013. Sixty-one percent of messages sent by Microsoft’s team were retweeted. Mentions on Twitter increased 219 percent and the company experienced a 197-percent increase in engagement across all of its social channels.

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