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Microsoft Brings Xbox to Life with Reflective Staging

DB_Winner_Microsoft_EDA 2015
Agency: ZED INK
Year: 2015

The Xbox Media Briefing at 2015 E3 was as big and bold as Xbox itself, a constantly changing combination of projection, lighting and digital media where surfaces and reflections converged and immersed the 4,000 attendees at USC’s Galen Center arena and millions of remote viewers into the world of Xbox.

Scenic elements, reflective staging and media surfaces all branched off each other at specific angles, and the center screen was optimized for reflections from various audience seating areas and camera angles. Jam-packed with dazzling and unexpected reveals of new titles, thrilling demos of games in progress and tantalizing videos of work to come, the two-hour live presentation told Xbox’s mammoth game lineup story via broadcast partners Xbox Live, and various streaming media partners.

Not one, but five stages played host to demo areas and multiplayer scenarios that allowed players to own their individual space and character, while a “shoutcaster” guided attendees through the experience from center stage. During a four-player demo of Halo 5, a backing screen behind the participants featured their player cards, introducing the new characters as they battled through a never-seen-before map of the game. The HoloLens demo took place on a “hidden” stage located directly upstage of what initially felt like center stage.

After an announcement by the presenter, a large Xbox scenic logo created a dramatic entrance for members of the Minecraft team and revealed the HoloLens augmented-reality demo. And, for the racing and car enthusiasts, a Ford GT 2017, one of only two in the world and essentially irreplaceable and priceless, was lowered from the ceiling as part of an announcement of a new partnership between the auto maker and the Xbox Forza game. The moment the animated car appeared on the center screen, the real car aligned with it perfectly in a space 50-feet off the ground. What a way to celebrate one of the biggest lineups in Xbox history.

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