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McKesson Hires ‘Security Guards’ on Health Mart Senior Savings Tour

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Agency: EMG3
Year: 2015

Chain pharmacies around the country may be in a race against one another to win the business of Medicare Part D recipients, but only one actually put the rubber on the road. Health Mart Pharmacy is a national network of independently owned pharmacies with a smaller profile (and budget) than its competitors. So to differentiate its offerings from the “big guys” and make connections with senior citizens and Health Mart Pharmacy owners, pharmacists and staff members, the brand took its message on the road in a fleet of armored trucks.

At its core, Medicare Part D is about saving money; the program exists to ensure that seniors can obtain drugs at the best possible cost. To bring this “savings” to life, McKesson wrapped four armored trucks with eye-catching graphics, staffed them with uniformed “security guards” and deployed the fleet to four high-priority markets where it visited golf courses, retirement communities, senior centers, mall walking clubs and other senior-friendly hotspots. The trucks’ rear doors opened to reveal a photo backdrop, complete with faux cash, money bags and other props designed to drive brand interactions and encourage selfies (sticks provided). Staffers also handed out unique (candy filled) “prescriptions” featuring playful “drugs” like “Putterall” for a “better golf game.” Each premium included an invitation to consult with a local Health Mart pharmacist about Medicare Part D.

The tour generated 2.9 million on-site and transit impressions and additional online and consumer-facing p.r. efforts yielded an estimated one million incremental mentions.

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