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Mattel Sweepstakes Entices Tech-Savvy Kids

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Year: 2014

Sweepstakes are way more interactive in today’s digital world than they used to be. Take Mattel Canada’s Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge, a program the brand launched to promote the Ultimate Track product line. Kids across the country were invited to upload pictures of their own track builds at home over a six-month period for the chance to have a giant indoor track installed in their home. The goal: to inspire creativity, play and building—and drive sales using an interactive marketing strategy.

But Mattel took the sweepstakes a step further using live video streaming to launch the contest at the Art Gallery of Ontario. For this eight-day activation at the gallery, Mattel built an Ultimate Track that kids at home could interact with from the Hot Wheels Canada website (

The track comprised more than 1,000 pieces of track and connector, and stretched some 625 feet in the 25-foot by 25-foot exhibit space. The space looked like a child’s bedroom all in white, a theme that tied to the challenge grand prize. Engineers consulted on complex track builds and technologists retrofitted Hot Wheels tracks. GoPro cameras, microcontrollers, Livestream Broadcaster devices, and a specifically designed interface on, brought the experience to life online. Fans could then tune in, virtually, to two different live streams on the website: one, where they could actually launch cars on the Ultimate Track and the other, where they could test out track features like lane changes, all from the comfort of their home.

Getting parents in on the real-time fun, the Hot Wheels track included a Twitter-activated light that could be turned on and off with tweets from parents using #HWTrackBuilder and the @HotWheelsCanada handle. This one feature alone generated more than one million Twitter impression for the campaign.

Using live streaming, Mattel Canada was able to extend program engagement and experiences, because even if kids were able to visit and play with the Ultimate Track exhibit in person at the Art Gallery of Ontario, they could then go home and interact with it in a completely different way than they did on-site.

In addition to generating impressive media coverage and social conversations surrounding the brand, Mattel Canada was able to further leverage its Hot Wheels and Mattel digital channels, expanding its reach and supporting the campaign in the process. The Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge Ultimate Track installation drove thousands of unique visitors to, generated a 90-percent increase in visits and had more than 24,000 video views.

Looking for new ways to connect with the next generation of tech-savvy consumers? The bar, or should we say track, has been raised.

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