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Flash Mob and Skywriting Take Claritin to New Heights

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Year: 2012

A skywriting stunt took Claritin to new heights far above the Toronto skyline. Having planes type out Claritin’s tagline, “Live Claritin Clear Today,” was a chance for the allergy medicine to do something fun and exciting—not always easy for an OTC brand—and it brought Claritin’s brand essence to life.

The stunt generated traditional p.r. and social media buzz at the outset of the spring/summer allergy season. One key was getting the attention of people on the ground, so Claritin put together a flash mob at Toronto’s Dundas Square. Passersby, people already in Dundas Square and those up to six miles outside of Toronto’s downtown core turned to Facebook and Twitter to talk about what they were seeing. A press release apprised local media ahead of the stunt but shared only a few details to keep an element of surprise.

News crews covered the stunt and p.r. coverage followed within hours. A post-event press release explained the intricacies of the stunt.

The most challenging element of the program was the skywriting. Claritin had to wait for clear skies and low winds before giving the OK, so choosing which day to hold the event was a day-of decision. When it was “go” time, as flash mob coordinators led chants of “Searching for relief that will help me stay alert” and “The answer’s in the sky,” dots began forming in the sky as puffs of smoke blended together to spell out the Claritin message.

Within a few minutes of the finale in Dundas Square, Claritin was trending on Twitter in Canada. A YouTube video received 10,000 views, and many onlookers posted their own videos on YouTube and Facebook. Media coverage included The Toronto Star, Metro News, mediaincanada. com, theweathernetwork.com and others.

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