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Lexus Creates Hidden Fine Dining Experiences in L.A.

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Brand: LEXUS
Agency: TEAM ONE
Year: 2014

Lexus ain’t your grandfather’s car anymore, and to tell Generation X and Y consumers all about it, the brand set out to show them that a Lexus is the best way to pair luxury with a unique statement of taste and refinement. The brand used market research data to determine that its target consumers love fine dining; they want to eat at the best restaurants and have the best experiences. So Lexus partnered with Los Angeles Magazine to create a full fine-dining partnership.

The magazine’s readership is right in the zone for the audience Lexus wanted to reach, with high disposable income and influence over the city and society around them. To reach them, the brand began with print ads in the publication and a call to enter an online sweepstakes, which culminated in a full one-month editorial takeover, with run-of-site media and an eblast, all to promote the main events: two pop-up dinner experiences. These consumers love exclusive and “secret” venues and events, so Lexus used the magazine’s reach to inform readers about some of the best ones in the city, while inviting them into area dealerships and enticing them to enter the online sweepstakes for invitations to the hidden dinners. The Los Angeles Lexus Dealer’s Association worked with Los Angeles Magazine’s subscriber’s list to invite guests in the targeted demographic to the two pop-up dinners and two of the secret venues that had been featured in the custom issue: Writer’s Room and Malibu Café at Calamigos Ranch. All guests were required to RSVP, but did not know the location of the events until the day prior. In the end, the media blitz and events resulted in 10 new vehicle sales for Lexus, and millions of impressions, unique web visits and social media returns.

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