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Lexus and Pandora Co-Host a Pop-up Concert Series

Agency: TEAM ONE
Year: 2016

Ah, Pandora. It’s like it can read your mind, right? In one of the most interesting partnerships of the year, Lexus brought its vehicles and signature sophistication to the table, while Pandora brought the tunes and the young, affluent demo the Los Angeles Lexus Dealer Association (LA LDA) sought to reach. The result was a hyper-targeted pop-up concert series that touted Lexus’ sportier models and fostered emotional connections by delivering the kind of music attendees were most passionate about—a strategy so successful that dealerships in Miami and New York have adopted the program to execute in their own markets.

Pandora’s ability to laser-target the intended demographic—Southern Californians ages 25-34 whose household income exceeds $75,000—was key to the success of the four-part concert series. The music service not only has subscriber ages and zip codes in its database, but thanks to its signature algorithm, it also has the ability to identify which musicians users listen to and search for most frequently, allowing the brand to connect fans with the artists they love most at each show.

In addition to artists like Wyclef Jean and Chromeo, the stars of the concert series were three of Lexus’ sport models—the IS F Sport, the CT F Sport and the RC F. One model was placed at registration, one near the stage and one on a outdoor patio, providing consumers with three different touchpoints to engage with the vehicles.

Further engagements included t-shirt screen-printing stations, branded selfie sticks and VIP upgrades for current Lexus owners. By the final curtain call, Lexus and Pandora were hearing the sounds of success—over one million earned social impressions.

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