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Levi’s Intellifit Booth Sizes Up Consumers

Brand: LEVI'S
Year: 2006

It was only appropriate, given the theme of Levi Strauss Signature’s mobile initiative, that the vehicle’s design was envisioned with “fit” in mind. Specifically, the brand needed a mobile vehicle that would command attention and generate traffic among the big-ticket mobile vehicles at NASCAR races and would look right at home when it was parked at retail stores, fairs and festivals.

Mission accomplished. To make it happen, the 53-foot double slide-out trailer featured tri-vision signage outside that allowed Levis to customize imagery based on audience and venue with rotating panels that allowed for different exteriors at different venues. The Fit Pit blended the look, feel and technology of a Levi’s retail store (corrugated metal walls, synthetic materials to replicate the shops’ maple wood flooring) with the durability and user-friendliness of a traveling consumer experience.

“We’re thrilled with the entire mobile marketing experience because it does such a great job in engaging consumers, and making them aware of what Levi Strauss Signature has to offer and in so many environments,” says Sherri Phillips, vp-marketing and store development for the brand. “It’s been a key contributor to the growth in awareness we’re seeing, and we’ve gotten great feedback from consumers.”

On the inside, the star of the show is an Intellifit booth, where an electronic scanner takes visitors’ body measurements and a computer prints out recommendations for sizes and styles of jeans. An on-board sales kiosk lets visitors purchase on the spot. “Many times in event marketing, there are a number of steps, some larger than others, between the initial emotional reaction, and the ‘Let me buy that,’” says Steve Woods, president of Portland, ME-based emg3. “I think we’ve shortened the distance with this program.”

The Fit Pit is back on the road this year, with stops scheduled across the U.S.—plus two in Canada—through November.

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