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LEGO Tackles Youth Demo with Bionicle Vehicle Tour

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Brand: LEGO
Year: 2003

After a super-successful run with the first Bionicle tour in 2001, Lego headed out yet again last summer with a 2002 incarnation looking to obtain 300,000 targeted impressions and visit 1,000 demographic-rich locations over 10 weeks for a new Toa Nuva toy extension.

The campaign was tailored to appeal to the “shredder teen,” that savvy 10- to 12-year-old boy interested in multiple sports and active challenges. (This audience was shown to dictate not only trends and habits, but purchases among friends and younger siblings.)

A target as savvy and influential as a 10-year-old boy wouldn’t be swayed so easily. Marketing Werks and Prototype Source came up with six customized Bionicle vehicles (Ford E250 cargo vans) to scour the country for the 10 weeks. Each van represented one of the six Toa Nuva characters, each graphic-wrapped with images consistent with the property.

The wraps captured the attention of everyone on the road and passersby at events, providing an efficient storytelling device even before the interior was showcased. When the back doors opened, a three-level diorama showcasing the product was revealed. The crew relayed the storyline as they went through each level of the exhibit, concluding with an unveiling of the much-anticipated new product line. On the other side of the vehicle, a custom door pulled out to create a small theater area. Inside, up to 10 children would experience a short movie featuring computer-generated images. The movie explained the product and the storylines of the characters. Visitors received premiums and collectibles. Each van had to visit multiple locations daily, so the crew needed only to open the back doors and pull out the theater area to set up.

The tour achieved 393,000 targeted impressions and visited 1,298 locations. The six vehicles captured seven million driving impressions. Consumer sales for Bionicle during the six weeks after the program were up a whopping 87 percent.

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