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L.L. Bean Bootmobile Features Authentic Details

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Brand: L.L. BEAN
Year: 2014

Few brand images are as iconic as L.L. Bean’s Bean Boots, so imagine the awe at seeing an 11-foot replica of the Bean Boot driving in a parade, parked at outdoor retail locations or at fairs and festivals. The Bootmobile featured authentic details such as individually sculpted stitches, custom-fabricated lace grommets, realistic shoelaces made of two-inch rope and custom chain-link boot treads.

Along with the authentic look and feel of the vehicle, consumers could watch promotional media and educational content about L.L. Bean, its history and efforts to promote healthy and active outdoor lifestyles on the vehicle’s LED monitor. Consumers could toss actual Bean Boots in a custom L.L. Bean Boot Toss game or play a round or two of Corn Hole. While interacting with brand ambassadors, consumers received coupons and could have their photo taken with the Bootmobile, which they could share on social media with #BootMobile . The company leveraged social media to allow people to request a visit from the Bootmobile. It also announced on Twitter and Facebook where the vehicle was going to be and challenged people to post on their social pages when they spotted the vehicle going by for a chance at free prizes or a direct visit from the Bootmobile.

The Bootmobile program presented the brand in an interactive, fun way while reinforcing L.L. Bean’s dedication to active, outdoor lifestyles. It earned millions of impressions and met and exceeded sales, coupon redemption and philanthropic goals. Cool beans!

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