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Krispy Kreme Offers a Mobile Hot Doughnut Experience

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Agency: SPEVCO
Year: 2003

Krispy Kreme showed the retail hood what could really be done with  mobile marketing when it rolled out a mobile doughnut store last spring. The program began with a challenge: Was it possible to create an authentic, working “hot doughnut experience” in a mobile environment?

Winston-Salem, NC-based Spevco said it was, and got to work on a self-contained Krispy Kreme doughnut-making theater and store on wheels, an 18-wheel monstrosity that would build awareness, create a connection and generate retail sales. Voila! From the complex doughnut machines to the communications and retail systems (and don’t forget the electricity systems, water supply and waste material disposal facets), there’s a lot going on here.

Built to resemble an old fashioned working diner, the vehicle consists of three components: 1. A doughnut-making theater with glass viewing areas through which customers watched doughnuts being mixed, made and iced (are you drooling?). 2. A retail store where they can buy a few dozen doughnuts. 3. A collectibles trailer selling various souvenirs.

The 53-footer was designed with a rotating 22-inch aluminum pod with hydraulic stage (and a canopy for an additional pod). Two 400-gallon water tanks are required (one for gray water, another for fresh, temperature-controlled fresh H2O). A 12-ton HVAC unit maintains the climate while several generators power it all—including the 20-foot “Hot Doughnuts” neon sign hung out front.

The chain uses the tour to introduce its brand into non-operating markets and support current stores. More than 120,000 customers have made purchases, more than two million impressions have been generated and a ton of doughnuts have been gobbled up since the vehicle was introduced.

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