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Kodak Promotes New Camera with a One-Market Program

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Brand: KODAK
Year: 2003

Out to test a new PLUSDigital one-time-use camera among female teens in Detroit, USM&P created a simple, yet effective one-market program executed in malls, movie theaters and at special events.

The product: A one-time-use camera (priced around $13) teens could buy off the rack, shoot and snap, then drop off at the photo developer for prints and a special CD burned with the images. (They then used Kodak Picture CD software at home to manipulate the image and email it to friends and family.)

The idea: Brand ambassadors outfitted in hip uniforms invaded super-targeted venues (not just movie theaters, but movie theaters showing teen flicks, for example), greeting the target and educating them about the new camera’s attributes. Consumers scored branded premiums and were given a chance to spin a Giant Prize Wheel dangling a variety of freebies. While the target was spinning (and winning), staffers continued to talk up the new camera and its benefits.

A separate Kodak Camera Box Workstation housed three laptop computers pre-loaded with Picture CD software. Teens logged on and checked out how they could manipulate, decorate and print images once they got home from the photo developer with the CD. The brand crew took the users through the software’s uses, along the way showing them “how easy” digital imaging could be.

The program resulted in more than 36,000 targeted consumer interactions. More than 36,000 brochures with coupons were distributed, generating higher consumer product knowledge of the PLUSDigital camera among future purchasers. The Giant Prize Wheel was spun 9,000 times, 7,000 premiums were handed out and 2,200 cameras were served as prizes.

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