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Kleenex Urges Shoppers to Send the Gift of Tissues

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Year: 2011

To take market share away from its competition while providing a strong brand experience for women ages 25- to 54- years old, Kleenex introduced the Softness Worth Sharing 2.0 campaign.

The program came to life across several channels, including TV, online and at retail events. The online component let consumers send a “share pack” of virtual tissues to a friend. The platform facilitated the sharing of uplifting personal messages, which fed content on the Kleenex Facebook page and Kleenex website. In retail locations, Kleenex brand ambassadors greeted shoppers as they entered stores, encouraging them to feel the tissues, learn about the new Kleenex Cool Touch product and share a box of tissues—either online or with an actual box of Kleenex that the brand would ship for free to a friend or loved one. Brand ambassadors also told shoppers they could send sample packs through kleenex.com or virtual packs through Facebook.

By the end of the campaign, Kleenex’s Facebook friends had increased significantly, and more than 35,000 consumers posted a story about why they shared a tissue. The retail presence produced sales of almost 78 Kleenex products per event.

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