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Kids Pose as Salesmen To Launch New Chrysler Vehicle

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Agency: MOSAIC
Year: 2017

Kids say the darndest things—especially when they’re posing as car salesmen to drive the launch of the Chrysler Pacifica. And that’s the point. To create a simple car buying experience, the brand turned to a team of child actors dubbed the “PacifiKids” to highlight the new vehicle’s features to prospective customers. The kicker: every interaction was captured on hidden cameras, turning Chrysler’s adorable activation into a content generation machine that yielded 367 million impressions.

Chrysler set the scene for the activation by transforming a real dealership in Victorville, CA, into the Chrysler PacifiKids’ showroom, complete with miniature desks, scooters and a second-floor slide that led into a first-floor ball pit. Enlisting a team of child actors trained on the Pacifica’s features, the brand turned the banal act of buying a minivan into a unique experience. Of course, all of it was scripted to ensure success—a director tucked away in a second floor war room fed the actors their lines to help sell consumers on the vehicle’s perks. After imparting their “expert” knowledge on families, the PacifiKids led attendees to bean bag chairs and asked them a number of unscripted questions to determine if they qualified for the van (naturally, everyone made the cut).

On day one of the activation, families’ interactions with the PacifiKids were caught on one of 14 hidden cameras, ultimately generating a two-minute “hero” spot. On day two, the content strategy shifted to accommodate an open shoot with a mix of scripted and unscripted conversation, which yielded an additional eight pieces of content. Everything was published to Chrysler’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with a call-to-action encouraging families across the U.S. to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win an on-camera Pacifica test drive or “field trip.”

That’s where phase two of the activation came into play. Interested families could submit a “permission slip” to a dedicated microsite for a chance to participate in the field trip. To promote the contest, Chrysler enlisted 28 influencers to post social content surrounding their personal experience with the Pacifica, resulting in 146 pieces of content.

Ultimately, three families and one paid influencer family were selected for the filmed field trips. The excursions were captured and transformed into four new pieces of content, effectively extending the campaign’s momentum. When the field trips came to a close, the three (unpaid) participating families’ videos were uploaded to the microsite and put to a vote to give consumers a chance to win a brand new Pacifica, allowing Chrysler to further engage its digital audience.

Chrysler made it look like, well, child’s play. The activation earned 19.3 million actual impressions from four family field trip content spots alone—444 percent above the brand’s goal.

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