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KFC Deploys an Aerial Colonel Sanders Logo Stunt

DB_KFC_Aerial_Ex 2007
Brand: KFC
Year: 2007

To refresh and contemporize its iconic Colonel Sanders figurehead, KFC cooked up a global consumer event that created the world’s first brand to be visible from space, then used it to introduce the new look and future of the company. The change in the Colonel’s image was the first in a decade and only the fifth in half a century.

The resulting Face From Space became the world’s largest logo. It took more than 3,000 hours to create from inception to launch and consisted of 65,000 one-foot-by-one-foot custom-colored SnapLock tile pieces assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle, requiring 24 round-the-clock days to manufacture and produce. To complicate things even more, the original site (the Utah Bonneville Salt Flats) were hit with violent storms and flooding before the event, so an alternate site had to be found just two weeks before the launch date. The new location, a field bordering the legendary Area 51 in Nevada.

But the media shockwave the event generated was as grand as the challenges of producing it. It reached more than half a billion consumers in more than 30 countries and generated more than 550 million global TV, print and online media impressions.

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