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JetBlue’s FlyBabies Stunt Turns Tears Into Cheers

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Year: 2017

We’ve all been there. The hassle of the airport is behind you and you’re just settling into your flight—when a baby begins to wail. “Crying babies” is rated the second most annoying aspect of flying. And while it’s a frustrating situation for most passengers, the pressure of the scenario often causes the child’s parents to suffer the most. Enter: FlyBabies.

To show that empathizing with moms flying with young children can be rewarding, JetBlue offered 150 passengers on a special flight from New York to California a 25 percent credit toward their next flight every time a baby cried. Earning 637 million traditional media impressions, the campaign, carried out just in time for Mother’s Day, gave everyone something to smile about.

To pull off the stunt, JetBlue documented four real moms and their babies leading up to the cross-country flight. The brand also captured the in-flight action, which included resounding cheers every time a baby began to cry. Passengers even got to know the moms and babies by name. In sharing the footage, the brand aimed to celebrate moms and generate empathy beyond the FlyBabies experience, furthering its “inspiring humanity” messaging.

The campaign turned tears into cheers in more than one way. Within a few days of launching the video content, the stunt accumulated over five million views and 41,000 social shares. And all passengers earned a free JetBlue flight,
to boot.

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