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Jeep ‘Drives’ New Cherokee Straight up a Skyscraper

Year: 2005

To trumpet the introduction of the 2005 Grand Cherokee, Jeep was on a mission to demonstrate the vehicle’s “go anywhere, do anything” capability. At the same time, the automaker wanted a launch event to take place in New York City, to take advantage of the national media outlets and massive pedestrian traffic in Manhattan, and because of the importance of the Big Apple market.

One minor problem: There’s not much terrain for off-roading in Midtown.

Birmingham, MI-based Clear!Blue solved that challenge with a bold stroke. During a weekday morning rush hour, a Grand Cherokee was “driven” straight up the side of the 30-story Two Penn Plaza building in Manhattan—clear proof that the SUV could, indeed, go anywhere. (The vehicle was actually lifted into place using a window-washer winch; there was no driver on board.) The Jeep came to rest on the side of the building in front of a sign marked “Jeep Only Parking,” as cameras captured the startling images and crowds of New Yorkers watched from the street below.

“Even though it was a stretch, it was on-message that Jeep has capabilities that other vehicles don’t have,” says Rick Deneau, Chrysler Group’s director of product and brand communications. “We thought it was very tongue in cheek, but it played into our capabilities message.”

Chrysler execs conducted interviews with business and consumer media outlets from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., while Clear!Blue produced a satellite media tour to spread the word.

The stunt delivered more than 58 million media impressions at a cost-per of three cents. TV coverage included 42 of the top 50 markets, plus national placements on Fox, CNBC and ABC. Internet placements included CBS, the Chicago Tribune, and Yahoo! News’ photo highlight slideshow. A dedicated page on logged more than 35,000 hits on the day of the climb.

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