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Jack Daniel’s House Siete Draws Hispanic Millennials

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Year: 2017

Jack Daniel was the kind of guy who opened his home to friends and let the good times roll. To bring that narrative to life and provide Hispanic millennials with a culturally relevant experience, the brand activated Jack Daniel’s House Siete. The eight-city multisensory activation celebrated the diversity of attendees and their passions through a series of themed engagements and curated music performances. And with more than 22,000 drinks served to more than 6,000 attendees, it was a program Jack himself would raise a glass to.

Right from the get-go, House Siete was an authentic Jack experience. Upon entering the lobby, guests were met with vintage props and rustic design elements that transported them back to what would have been Jack Daniel’s living room. In the Salon de Leyendas, music memorabilia, luxurious design accents and wearable props encouraged attendees to channel their inner rock star with a photo op on the “royal bed,” which could be shared socially.

In the Sala De Juegos, competition ran high as guests battled each other in classic games like foosball, pool and oversized Jenga. The room even housed a mini foosball tournament that gave attendees the chance to compete in the championship match with members of whichever band was performing that evening.

A highlight of the experience, the main stage area was transformed into Lynchburg Hills, evoking the stunning grounds surrounding the brand’s Tennessee distillery. Large wooden barrels, hanging fairy lights and rocking chairs helped immerse attendees in the rustic environment.

Bars interspersed throughout House Siete featured distressed wood, metal finishes and decorative elements that paralleled the Jack Daniel’s distillery. Drink menus were tailored at each event based on local taste preferences, while branded wooden tokens provided attendees with complimentary customized drinks. And a designated Tennessee Honey Cart offered cocktails featuring the traditional flavor of Jack Daniel’s with a Latin twist.

Then there was the White Rabbit Saloon, where a select number of VIP guests enjoyed an exclusive experience featuring premium product tastings and a unique bar menu, while 1920s-style music performances amplified the speakeasy vibe (shhh).

At each event along the tour, curated talent connected attendees with the music they loved most. In Los Angeles, for example, the brand presented Mexican band Kinky, while in New York, Mala Rodriguez took the spotlight, encouraging more Dominican and Puerto Rican consumers to attend.

All told, the results nearly brought the house down. The program not only strengthened Jack Daniel’s relationship with the Hispanic community, but generated more than 42 million #JDHouseSiete impressions. Salud!

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