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Jack Daniels’ Crowdsourced Bar Engages Loyalists

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Year: 2015

The promise of premium whiskey can yield some pretty incredible results if implemented properly. Such was the case for Jack Daniel’s, a brand that recognized it was losing prominence among its standard middle-aged, blue-collar consumers in the face of emerging craft whiskey brands. 

To up the ante, the brand developed a number of objectives, among them to: Reconnect, engage and reward Jack Daniel’s loyalists; engage consumers in an authentic way to involve the brand and its heritage; allow trial of the Jack Daniel’s product range; generate engagement on Facebook and change shopper behaviors. In response, “The Bar That Jack Built” campaign was born. The program catered to the typical Jack Daniel’s consumer—a blue-collar male with little time for selfies and hashtags, who values authentic things that exist in the real world and enjoys being a “doer” by working with his hands.

With these Jack loyalists in mind, the brand launched a six-week social media and word-of-mouth effort, offering consumers a chance to work for Jack, literally, by building a bar to celebrate Jack Daniel’s 148th birthday. The brand put the word out, asking for materials, labor, time and expertise. Before long, laborers, sculptors, welders, fabricators, painters, artists, electricians and a variety of other professionals had been recruited—all in exchange for whiskey. The more materials, time or expertise they volunteered, the more Jack Daniel’s they received, along with a ticket to a huge birthday bash to be held inside the finished product: the world’s first crowd-sourced bar.

The brand racked up 10,000 new Facebook fans, increased engagement by 178 percent and received $178,000 worth of donated time, materials and expertise—all for a mere 268 bottles of whiskey. We’ll cheers to that.

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