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Jack Daniel’s Builds a New-Era Bottle Shop

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Year: 2015

As the world’s best-selling whiskey brand, Jack Daniel’s knows a thing or two about marketing, evidenced by the recent boom in popularity of its Tennessee distillery. Nevertheless, time spent by consumers inside the site’s visitor center before or after a tour was in need of improvement. Enter: the White Rabbit Bottle Shop.

In order to immerse visitors in the authenticity of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, provide deeper insight into the brand’s history and recognize its global following, the brand created a new way of thinking about the composition of a bottle shop. The result is a hybrid space that marries the functions of sales, brand education, customization and packaging.

The design of the shop spotlights various expressions of Jack Daniel’s bottles unique to the distillery with shelving and displays made of natural timbers and accented by stripes of charred wood. Integrated into the shelves are audiovisual installations that display consumer campaigns related to the brand’s various expressions.

Nearby, the Jack Daniel’s Brand Gallery features a pair of parallel walls capable of supporting curated digital and analog content. The display works in tandem with interactive installations presenting both brand-created and consumer-created content. Modest, informal seating areas surrounding the perimeter of the gallery add an element of comfort.

In response to increasing requests for personalization, the area to the south of the brand gallery offers visitors the opportunity to create mementos of their visit. The Personalization Counter features CNC lasers that allow consumers to etch custom messaging and graphics into the glass of their whiskey bottle. In addition, customers have the opportunity to choose from a variety of gift-wrapping options that are only available by visiting the distillery.

Since the opening of the White Rabbit Bottle Shop, bottle sales have increased by over 15 percent. And, thanks to the extra space, the shop is able to offer more SKUs, exposing visitors to Jack Daniel’s expanded portfolio. We’ll cheers to that.

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