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Intel’s Digital Park and Ultrabook Tree Shine at CES

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Brand: INTEL
Year: 2014

It was the most photographed booth at CES, and for good reason. Intel’s stunning interactive Ultrabook Tree was not only visually engaging (and a heck of a foot traffic driver), it perfectly showcased the capabilities of the brand’s imbedded technology. Compelling product demonstrations, thought-provoking hands-on trials and meaningful dialogue with Intel staff engaged attendees and created press and social media buzz.

“Peer-to-peer storytelling”, which Intel incorporated into its booth at the centrally located Spotlight theater, where people shared stories about how Intel technology has evolved in their lives. Watch as more and more executives leave the spotlight to customers, peers and other voices customers can better relate to.

Intel elevated the bar yet again at CES by creating a 14,500-square-foot “Digital Park” that demonstrated how Intel technology allows people to live an “untethered” life and showcased best-in-class smartphones, tablets and Ultrabook devices with Intel Inside.

Anchoring the most trafficked corner of the show floor, the Ultrabook Tree attracted massive attention both physically and through the media. The Tree leveraged 180 fully functional Ultrabook devices from eight OEMs that served as a high-tech “digital canopy” above the space. Five Ultrabook Convertibles from Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Panasonic and Toshiba surrounded the base of the tree. Guests created a digital “blossom” animation on one of the touch-screens and launched them to the canopy with a drag-and-release function similar to that of “Angry Birds.” Hundreds of LED lights on the front and rear of the tree trunk illuminated as the blossoms ascended then bloomed into view and rippled across the canopy of Ultrabooks hanging like leaves on the techno-tree.

Just beyond the Ultrabook Tree canopy, a Digital Park offered guests the opportunity to watch presentations, experience the technology, interact with staff or just relax and recharge. Framed by a multi-tiered terrace and with cirrus cloud formations overhead, the central focus of the park was the Spotlight theater, where musicians, djs, designers and artists evangelized Intel technology and interactive events involved the audience.

A second-floor hospitality lounge served as a spot for casual one-on-one meetings, blogging and intimate group presentations. Non-traditional demonstration desks called “Petting Zoos” further emphasized the idea of “public space,” along with interactive car- and bus-stop features, “street lights,” and “grassy areas.” Business took place away from the crowds in a two-story structure with 13 meeting rooms.

Nearly 82,000 attendees visited and experienced the booth; 96 percent rated the experience with staffers as excellent/very good; 95 percent perceived Intel as a company they trust; 87 percent perceived Intel as creators of technology that changes the way we live and work.

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