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Intel Unleashes Demos, Entertainment and Science at CES

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Brand: INTEL
Year: 2008

Question: What do an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a bulb of garlic have in common? Answer: More than you might think. One adds zest to dishes like pasta and bread. The other energizes your computer with speed and realistic detail. But while garlic has a taste and aroma often associated with great meals and red-checkered table cloths, how do you get trade show attendees to experience a technical product inside a computer where they can’t see or touch it? Intel’s solution was creative and engaging and had attendees jamming their way into its booth at CES 2007.

“We are an ingredient, like garlic, a great, powerful ingredient,” says Victor Torregroza, event program manager at Intel. “Our challenge is always how do you bring that brand and that benefit to life in an exciting way that people can relate to. Aside from the technology demos that are our meat and potatoes and are never going to go away, we wanted to appeal to people on a more emotional level.”

Intel supplemented those technical demos with high-impact, audience-involving experiences that brought the benefits of multi-core computing and its Core 2 Duo processor to life. The centerpiece of its booth was the Multi-core Exploratorium, an interactive zone with a science-lab feel that engaged attendees with hands-on experiences. Two to three times an hour, a live presenter on a central pedestal hyped the crowd with a two-minute introduction as the booth came to life with lights, video and music. “Who wouldn’t like to do more at once?” she called out as people tried out six activity areas. Among them: A Demystify Dual-Core activity where visitors used motion control technology on a large monitor to witness dual-core computing in high-def video sequences. In another area, they placed Skype video conference calls from a laptop PC while transferring large files, learning first-hand that they can do more wherever they are with dual-dore processors (Fabrication: The Taylor Group, Toronto).

Attendees experienced the thrill of Formula 1 racing through state-of-the-art PC technology powered with a Core 2 Duo processor and got to try out Kitchen Window, a new concept PC with a calendar, organizer, web access, TV, video playback, phone and photo gallery. They even got to make a 30-second Intel commercial that they received on a USB drive and were invited to upload onto YouTube, experiencing the ease of capturing, encoding, editing and uploading with the dual-core technology.

“We used music, textures, colors and light to create a magical digital environment that ties back to the Intel brand,” Torregroza says. “We focused on the customer, showing them they will be able to download movies faster, record their own family content and share it with people around the world, making the technology relevant in the context of their digital lives.”

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