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Intel Turns Keynote into Tech-Fueled Extravaganza

Brand: INTEL
Year: 2016

Intel transformed its opening keynote at CES 2016 into an extension of its highly immersive exhibit experience on the show floor. With an emphasis on changing industry perceptions of the company from a PC powerhouse to one that is reimagining consumer experiences across sports, fashion, music, robotics, health and the maker movement, the keynote, with its interactive, musical finale, immersive augmented reality experience, gesture jam session and drone obstacle course, made waves at the show. Oh, and lest we forget that grand entrance by Intel ceo Bryan Krzanich on an Intel-powered Segway hoverboard that converted into a robot. PC, what?

To step back, Intel is in the midst of a historic transformation. Focused beyond its traditional business of powering personal computers, Intel is infusing its technology into previously unimagined new areas. With consumers increasingly choosing seamless, immersive experiences over specific products, Intel technology innovation will play an unprecedented and ubiquitous role in transforming people’s experiences—at least that’s the message the brand wanted to get across.

The Intel technology-powered performance elevated the traditional keynote to a whole new level. Starting with the pre-keynote experience, Intel showcased how its technology can amplify self-expression in music, design, visual and performance art as artist Shantell Martin literally brought her drawings into another dimension using Intel Augmented Reality, and musician Yago de Quay used Intel Curie Technology to control musical instruments and graphics visuals with his movements in the first-ever Gesture Jam Session.

Intel reimagined BMX and Parkour styles and X Games experiences by infusing Curie technology to capture real-time data and measure the athlete’s movements while creating a whole new viewing experience for the spectator. A drone obstacle course built inside the keynote room demonstrated how Intel RealSense Camera technology is used in drones to follow a biker while avoiding falling obstacles. An aerial ballet showcased 100 Intel-powered unmanned drones moving in spectacular formation, setting a Guinness World Record for most drones flown airborne simultaneously.

Keynote experiences were two-way, too, for the 3,000 in attendance. Composer A.R. Rahman used Intel Curie technology bracelets and anklets to produce music in an entirely new way; audience members wearing the bracelets could interact with the performance using hand gestures.

The keynote involved six months of planning in venues across the U.S. and Mexico, agency partners, artists, musicians and industry partners, as well as hundreds of Intel employees to develop, build, choreograph, rehearse and execute it. The experience received numerous accolades and its sizzle reel, with 18 million views, topped video charts. Intel also captured the No. 1 share of voice spot among the top five brands at CES.

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