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Intel Promotes its Technology with Live Storytelling

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Brand: INTEL
Year: 2015

In 2015 Intel shifted the focus of its booth at CES to highlight live storytelling and experiences. The Spotlight stage, surrounded by comfortable, tiered seating, a massive LED screen and three drop-down support screens, provided the focal point of the space and served as a “clearing,” where a constant rotation of artists and entrepreneurs who use technology with Intel inside shared campfire-like stories.

From digital artist Joshua Davis taking 3D photos of his hand and incorporating them into his art in real time to Intel ceo Brian Krzanich appearing in three consecutive fireside chats (panel discussions), to a musical trio performing and producing live on Intel-enabled software and devices, real-life stories engaged guests and created an emotional connection to the technology.

Eighteen-foot tall LED “trees” weighing 4,000 pounds and measuring 16-feet in outer diameter featured demo stations at their base where attendees could experience the technology first-hand. In the RealSense Experience, RealSense cameras captured attendees on 3D video and, as they moved through the tunnel, transformed their images into sand, snow and asteroid scenarios.

A lightweight aluminum frame clad with dark blue-black melamine formed the exhibit structure, which was lit by LED and mirrored strips that, like fireflies, added to the ambiance of an Enchanted Forest. An LED thread of light, like Tinkerbell’s pixie dust, defined the top perimeter. Adding to the energy, the entire exhibit changed color, synching screens and tree canopies with key messages and performances in the theater. Large-format screens surrounding the Spotlight Theater raised and lowered as required, synchronizing messaging and colors specific to the event or presentation in the theater.

The cohesively integrated messages, hands-on demonstration, architecture, experience and social sharing helped Intel achieve its goals. It not only captured 84 percent of total show attendees but 82 percent of those who experienced a Spotlight presentation found the content to be Extremely/Very valuable.

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