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Intel Inspires Employees with Interactive Mobile Tour

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Brand: INTEL
Year: 2016

When you work for a company as innovative as Intel, it may be difficult to fully grasp how your individual contributions inside the company help create “amazing experiences” outside the company—you know, like impacting the world. Because of that sentiment, coupled with the fact that employees are often the last ones to experience their company’s technologies for themselves, Intel launched the InsideOut Experience mobile tour. The activation offered hands-on experiences from prototype demos to gaming to an Oculus Rift sequence that transported employees into a futuristic exploration of Intel’s impact. Yep, this was no ordinary professional development event.

It all took place on the cusp of a brand new global campaign surrounding the messaging, “Intel Inside Makes Amazing Experiences Possible Outside.” The tour, designed to engage Intel’s network of 106,000 employees, involved three 40-foot shipping containers constructed simultaneously on three continents. Intel activated the containers at 27 campuses across 13 countries, launching the program right after the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law on computer processing speed, named for Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore.

The containers were outfitted with 16 monitors that highlighted individual employee stories and photography supporting the Let the Inside Out campaign messaging.

Inside, zones of experiences included: a product gallery with interactive games and demos on tablets and wearables; video content with 3D rendering sequences that explained product features;  and a special video feature about an Intel employee who harnessed her motorycle passion to develop a smart helmet that uses voice commands to communicate with a motorcycle—technology that could ultimately save lives. The latest 6th Generation Intel processor devices were on hand; a hands-free Intel RealSense-powered flight racing simulator, and robotic dancing totems that mirrored the movements of participants. Visitors were able to experience 3D object scanning and printing using RealSense-powered HP Sprout and a corresponding Dremel 3D printer.

And speaking of printing, custom-built mobile kiosks created a space for 3D printed spiderbots—wirelessly controlled robotic spiders driven by Edison technology and controlled using any smartphone or tablet. On top of all of these engagements (and more), the attendees could participate in a green screen activation zone that allowed them to personalize their InsideOut experience with a custom photo immediately emailed to them.

A favorite aspect of the program: that employees could invite their family and friends to experience the InsideOut tour as well, naturally amplifying the message of the campaign and giving employees that “expert” boost at home. Employees spent an average of 27 minutes exploring the experience, with 72 percent reporting that the experience was “extremely valuable.” With an impending global campaign launch, Intel certainly bolstered its success with support from the home front.

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