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Infiniti Reveals a New Model with Cirque du Soleil

DB_Infiniti_2008 Ex
Agency: KUBIK
Year: 2008

Infiniti created a series of Salon Nights specially tailored to existing and potential Infiniti owners in order to introduce its new Infiniti EX. At the center of it all was a performance by Cirque du Soleil, which preceded the reveal of the new model.

Attendees were treated like VIPs from the moment they arrived. They were greeted with a purple martini—the theme color of the evening—and hors d’oeuvres. White couches bathed in purple light gave the space a lounge feel. Food stations were strategically placed around the room and a dj spun urban music throughout the event.

After the Cirque du Soleil performance, the reveal of the EX began. The car itself was hidden underneath a 16-foot pyramid. With a pulley system in place, the pyramid turned completely inside out from the center point until it was finally pointing down over the top of the revealed vehicle. Two Cirque performers hidden under the pyramid emerged through dry ice to enhance the moment. As all of this was happening, an additional two EX vehicles were driven out from the mist into the stage area where they were joined by a Nissan Infiniti spokesperson who officially introduced the EX to the crowd.

Response to the invitations exceeded Infiniti’s expectations, and additional budget dollars were allocated at the last moment in each city to supplement the event. Attendance in Toronto, which sold out in 13 days, was 700. In Montreal, which sold out in 15 days, it was 500, and in Vancouver, which sold out in 19 days, 490.

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