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iBeacon Technology Connects Creatives at Cannes

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Year: 2014

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which takes place each June in Cannes, France, is the world’s leading celebration of creativity in communications, including the prestigious international annual Advertising and Communications awards. Now it will also be known for its use of the event app platform created by Eventbase, that let attendees connect with each other.

With some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies descending on Cannes for what has become the industry’s signature event, expectations were high, and festival organizers were seeking ways to help attendees navigate the extensive listing of sessions, parties and special events. A branded event app was their solution, but the complexity and magnitude of such a vast event can have its challenges, including the burden of the app data, frequent updates and unreliable connectivity. Scalability and stability were critical, as was seamless integration. They also wanted to ensure that the app enhanced the attendee experience, not detracted from it, and helped drive engagement with their audiences, streamline event networking and inspire connections between attendees. Realizing its potential and power, the organizers incorporated iBeacon into their own app to prompt attendee interactivity and engagement.

The app included a program schedule, maps, speaker biographies and a personalized week planner, as well as Festival Picks, which curated the festival’s highlights as rich-media pages that allowed audiences to build lists of favorites. Mind Trip allowed attendees to view the session picks of visionary leaders, showcasing workshops, classes, galas and an awards ceremony. The iBeacon technology became an essential tool for triggering targeted, timely location-based messages and encouraged interactivity and discussion at the session level. iBeacon also facilitated connection with other audience members at sessions, prompting one-to-one messages, polls and surveys. Cannes Connect and tight LinkedIn integration allowed attendees to detect nearby festival-goers, view their profiles and reach out to them through the app.

Throughout the festival, the highly anticipated awards shortlist, finalist and winner announcements were released and broadcast through the app, ensuring that attendees stayed up to date. iBeacons also alerted attendees to QR codes at an exhibit of the awards shortlist at the Palais de Festivals.

Feedback on the app and its capabilities was overwhelmingly positive. The app not only served as a digital concierge, helping attendees make the most of their time in Cannes, it was a way for creative professionals to present their work. As representatives of their agencies or companies, users could easily network and share information on the close to 30,000 campaigns being showcased. For the first time at a large-scale event, device-to-device iBeacons enhanced attendee networking and shared updates and messages relevant to users. Formidable!

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