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Hyundai Reaches Millennial Influencers with Re:Mix Tour

Hyundai Re:Mix Millennials
Year: 2012

Hyundai’s Re:Mix Lab was a series of one- to four-day events that went after millennials with content-driven experiences that included tricked out cars, cutting-edge speakers and an artifact retrospective called Exhibits in Collaboration. Each event showcased three vehicles that had been modified to represent a lifestyle theme. The Music 2.0 Veloster Turbo, for example, featured a chrome exterior and a motorized touch-screen dj station on a large-screen LCD TV that allowed consumers to spin tunes from the trunk.

Attendees enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, live music, keynote lectures and dj sets, all carefully curated to appeal to the local market and the millennial mindset. Fourteen museum-quality displays comprised Exhibits in Collaboration, a series of static exhibits that showcased one-of-a-kind artifacts from collaborations in art, music and design, such as bottles from the collaboration between French dj David Guetta and Coca-Cola. Guests could instantly share their experiences on Facebook through interactive RFID bracelets that could be scanned at kiosks.

By the end of the seven-city tour, 48,850 attendees had told more than 23 million of their friends about their Re:Mix experiences. Social media impressions increased nine-fold and while Re:Mix was in market, Hyundai realized its largest jumps in Twitter activity to date.

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