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Hulu Recreates the Iconic ‘Seinfeld’ Apartment

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Brand: HULU
Year: 2016

It’s been 15 years since “Seinfeld” ended its nine-year run, so when Hulu earned the rights to stream the TV cult classic it wanted to swiftly transport fans back into the heart of the series: Jerry’s apartment. The Seinfeld Apartment, a re-creation of the iconic domicile, was all about attendee-led storytelling with items they could pick up and photograph. This invitation to “own” the space translated into clever media opportunities, like Vogue’s use of the space to highlight Elaine’s style through shareable GIFs starring the face of Gucci model Andreea Diaconu, and Instagram influencer Elliot Tebele, founder of the @fuckjerry account. Amplification? Get. Out.

Every sconce, cabinet and heating pipe was recreated (there were no blueprints, only episodes for reference). And the décor was just as meticulous, from the cereal to the baseball schedule on the fridge. All the details combined put an authentic stamp on the experience for the diehards. In addition to exploring, consumers did photo recreations of George Costanza’s “Art of Seduction” chaise lounge moment and their best Jerry “What’s the Deal” standup impressions. The adjoining Seinfeld Museum featured show props, including a Brick Wall graphic signed by all the series’ guest stars.

The installation was so successful in New York City that Hulu replicated it in L.A. with a “Festivus”-themed experience. No airing of grievances here.

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