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HP Outfits a Tractor Trailer into a Mobile Demo Studio

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Brand: HP
Year: 2004

Designed to show small- to medium-sized printing enterprise customers, graphic design agencies, and paper manufacturers exactly what HP’s Digital Publishing Solutions division could offer, the Impressions Road Show began in late 2002 and spent all of 2003 making visits, booking business, and funneling leads from events through the company’s CRM filter over to sales reps.

At the heart of the program were demonstrations of several industrial-size printing presses (weight: 10,000 lbs; price: $300,000 and up) mounted inside the truck. Customersand prospects came through the main entrance and signed in at a reception-type area. A hop, skip, and a jump away were the pair of presses anchored to the floor. Two workstations customized for printers and agencies were loaded with familiar software for relevant demos. A small conference room off to the side facilitated any on-site business deals. Tour stops invited customers for open houses, one-on-one meetings, and more in-depth demonstrations.

“We operate in a digital eco-system of enterprises, agencies, and commercial printers. We initially thought we’d connect with one segment, but ended up attracting all three,” says Retha Petruzates, HP’s program manager for the Road Show. “This tour has become more than we ever hoped it could.”

The Show played host to 2,600 companies, with 6,000 decision-makers passing through, thousands of product demos staged, $20 million in business already booked inside the rig—and $120 million (no, that is not a typo) in additional revenue pending as a result of truck visits. “This has generated a higher degree of ROI than anything I have ever seen,” says Aspen group president Yvon Russell. “It’s been amazing to see how this mobile tour has been embraced by the entire HP sales force.”

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