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HP Highlights New Brand with Transformation Zones

Year: 2016

When HP made the decision to split into two companies, the launch of its new brand, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), had to make a splash. To make it happen, the brand painted London HPE green with its new logo and branding to generate buzz for Discover London 2015, HPE’s semi-annual open forum business conference. At the heart of the conference was the debut of the three-tiered HPE Transformation Zone, which allowed attendees to network, engage with experts and get hands-on experience with HPE’s full portfolio, ultimately earning the brand high marks on a customer satisfaction survey from the IT executives, architects, engineers, press and thought leaders who attended the event.

Operating under its “Accelerate Next” theme, HPE kicked off Discover with a rousing audiovisual experience that merged tradition and innovation. Renowned composer and conductor Jim Papoulis energized attendees with an upbeat original composition performed by a live symphony orchestra, opera singers, percussionists and electric guitarists. Accompanying visual content was displayed on a 75-foot-wide LED wall flanked by four smaller displays. The opening event set the Accelerate Next motif in motion, preparing attendees for the bulk of the conference, which was comprised of first-hand experiences with products and experts, and customer-centric breakout sessions that focused on new solutions.

To enhance the attendee journey, HPE built a custom mobile app that helped guide attendees through the logistics of the conference. The app also provided a beacon-fueled, self-guided tour through the Transformation Zone. Tours were available with on-demand audio files and written transcripts in English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Inside the vast Transformation Zone, attendees got hands-on experience with HPE’s products and services while interacting with the engineers who created them. The Zone enabled the brand to turn demos into interactive experiences, giving attendees a glimpse of the future through its new technologies and implementing a tool that offered fresh data on its audience acquisition tactics.

Throughout the conference, HPE emphasized ceo Meg Whitman’s vision that “Tomorrow Belongs to the Fast,” reinforcing the idea that in order to thrive in the “Idea Economy,” companies must revamp their organizations by transforming to a hybrid infrastructure. This consistent messaging, along with a customer-centric mentality, ultimately played a crucial role in the success of the event.

When all was said and done, Discover London 2015 helped increase the event’s quality of attendance, with 82 percent of the 25,000 live attendees falling within the brand’s target demo, defined as managing directors, vice presidents, decision-makers and influencers. To boot, a live-stream of the conference earned HPE an additional 454,000 virtual attendees over the course of the three-day event. That’s a whole lot of discovery.

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