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Honeywell Woos Decision Makers with a Demo Tour

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Year: 2006

Some of the key clients for Honeywell’s process solutions services are plant managers, engineers and maintenance and operations staff at industrial manufacturing facilities. That means one of the most difficult parts of Honeywell’s sales equation is that those who influence purchase decisions are often in remote areas and they typically are loathe to leave their work sites for sales meetings.

So Honeywell took the sales meetings to them with the Honeywell Express Mobile Demo Tour, which visited 500 companies over the course of 10 months, connecting account reps and sales teams with upwards of 1,200 prospects. The 18-wheel trailer was outfitted with computers, monitors and plasma screens, along with devices that demonstrated Honeywell’s control systems and solutions.

“The real reason we built the truck is that with the products and applications that we deliver to our customers, seeing is believing,” says Brian Chapman, director-marketing communications at Honeywell Process Solutions. “And our ability to increase the probability of a sale dramatically increases when the customer can sit down and tinker with the stuff.”

Interior elements can be changed out so displays are appropriate to the customer’s specific industry. “Honeywell polled its sales force to find out what products it needed to sell and came up with a product mix that would meet those needs,” says Steve Materna, vp-program operations for West Chicago, IL-based Aspen Marketing Services. “So we can cater the experience to customers we’re talking to that day.”

Was it a hit? Chapman credits the vehicle with helping to turn around a multimillion-dollar contract on its fourth visit and says the success continued throughout the year, generating millions in incremental sales, and exceeding Honeywell’s initial projections by 20 percent for 2005—which is why it’s back on the road this year. Says Chapman, “It’s not every day you get a grand slam out of a marketing program, but this truly was a grand slam for us.”

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