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Honda and Maroon 5 Team Up in Promotional Tour

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Brand: HONDA
Year: 2014

If you want to hit the youth market, then get with the killer tunes, yo. Honda’s ready to show you how, and with its Civic Tour last year, it proved it’s got the chops to make it rock. For this car brand, it was all about partnering with an artist with legit mass appeal for new drivers. The brand got moving months before the tour got started, and even before the headliner was announced. The brand’s Facebook and Twitter feeds hinted at the action to come with daily clues and chances to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to fly to Los Angeles and meet the mystery band. And then the big reveal: Honda and Maroon 5 teamed up for the announcement video and followed it up with an outtakes video that Jay Leno played on “The Tonight Show” while interviewing Adam Levine about the tour.

After the announcement, fans were able to purchase exclusive Honda pre-sale tickets and register for a chance to win several promotions. The brand flew a fan out to hang on the set of Civic Tour’s video shoot with Levine and James Valentine. Another couple was flown to St. Louis to watch rehearsals and the opening date from the front row, and to meet the band. Honda also released exclusive content about the tour and the Civic through social media, and all of the preview work paid off in a huge tour that hosted almost 600,000 concert attendees across 32 concert events in all of Honda’s top American markets, while enjoying the biggest social media engagement for the brand to date. Now that’s music to our ears.

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