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Hilton Leverages Crowdsourcing to Engage Emloyees

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Year: 2014

Hampton Hotel’s 2014 Ultimate GM Huddle, which took place in Orlando, was a five-star experience for the 2,000 general managers in attendance, and the two-tiered registration technology behind the event was a major reason why.

Before the launch of the conference website, dubbed Hamptonality Unleashed, the brand deployed a targeted email campaign that included a save-the-date message and an invitation to register, which heightened interest and drove traffic to the site. The landing page included a countdown clock, highlights generated from Hampton’s internal social networks and an interactive trivia game that featured fun facts about the company’s brand culture.

Once the Hamptonality Unleashed website went live, attendees could create social profiles and participate in video and photo contests. In the “Hampton’s Got Talent” section, video submissions could be viewed and rated by other attendees. The top-rated video was performed live at the event. Similarly, the photo “Caption Contest” encouraged attendees to post photos of themselves and their coworkers, then caption other attendee photos. On the exhibitor-only Exploratorium site, exhibitors could register, learn about the event and design their hexagon-shaped exhibit space, or “pod.”

All of the digital content generated before the Huddle came to life on-site via branding, signage, swag and general session keynotes. Crowdsourcing allowed attendees to choose what they wanted to see and hear, and even snack on and celebrate during the event.

The event hashtag #HamptonFACT, featured across signage and interactive elements, encouraged attendees to tweet or share Instagram posts during the Huddle. Screens in the Hamptonality Lounge featured rotating posts and real-time social updates. Attendees also could recognize exemplary team members by posting to an Accolade Wall, similar to an interactive Twitter social feed. During the evening event, they could share photos taken in a GIF photo booth. The photos also were displayed on a large projection feed during the evening event.

As part of a larger installation communicating the evolution and “journey” of the Hampton brand, general managers participated in a custom, web-based trivia game. Attendees could select from 12 trivia questions displayed on Surface tablets (answers were displayed on a large screen), and received tokens redeemable for branded swag for correct answers.

Post event, the Ultimate GM Huddle website was refreshed with new content, including photo galleries from the event. Post-event surveys revealed improvement in overall satisfaction, perceived value, tools and knowledge and information sharing compared to the previous conference. Ninety-two percent of attendees indicated they strongly or somewhat agreed that they were likely to share information from the Huddle with their team. As a bonus, crowdsourcing generated a large archive of content for internal messaging initiatives.

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