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HBO Immerses Viewers in the World of ‘Game of Thrones’

Brand: HBO
Agency: MOEY
Year: 2013

HBO brought its hit series “Game of Thrones” to life with an international exhibition tour, the first of its kind for the network, designed to immerse fans in the breathtaking and enchanting world of Westeros, the fictional setting of the story. The exhibition showcased more than 70 original artifacts from season one and two, plus select pieces and an extended trailer from this year’s season three.

It traveled to five cities—Amsterdam, Belfast, New York City, Sao Paulo and Toronto—and was free of charge. Audio-visual technology helped turn the exhibition into an interactive experience. Visitors were thrust into the role of defenders of capital city King’s Landing in a recreation of the epic Battle of Blackwater Bay, the climatic struggle at the end of season two. In the experience, visitors approached three large monitors, each looking out over a dark harbor with boats floating by. They selected a bow, pulled back the string, aimed and fired. On screen, an arrow alight with flame bursts onto the monitors and fizzles out at sea. As the visitor aimed higher and pulled back farther, upon release, the arrow soared higher and landed on a sliver of an undulating green “wild fire” ribbon, causing the water to catch fire and an enemy sailboat to burst into flames.

Across five world markets, the “Game of Thrones” Exhibition generated massive press attention and fan excitement, boasting well over 100,000 total visitors. In each market, fans lined up hours prior to exhibit opening—sharing and amplifying their experiences.

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