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GoPro Gives Media Hands-on Access to its New Toys

Brand: GOPRO
Year: 2017

For the launch of its HERO5 camera, Karma drone and new accessories and software solutions, GoPro went quid pro quo. Instead of communicating the features of its products through a static press event, the brand unleashed journalists, influencers and athletes at an interactive “day camp” in Squaw Valley, CA, where they could play with the items at their own pace in a hands-on environment. From horseback riding to mobile ziplining, attendees participated in activities that not only highlighted the new products, but authentically immersed them in the GoPro lifestyle. And the strategy paid off. In just one week, nearly 2,500 stories covering the launch were published worldwide.

In what GoPro calls its biggest launch event to date, the experience kicked off with a live show inside a custom tent outfitted with a 180-degree screen. Leveraging a “theatre in the round”-style seating arrangement, ceo Nick Woodman delivered a keynote address announcing the new products and technology to physical attendees, while a Facebook Live stream of the speech kept digital fans up to date. The brand also hosted a Q&A session with Woodman, giving press the opportunity to learn more about the new products, and in some cases, conduct one-on-one interviews.

Next, GoPro trainers organized attendees into groups and provided them with HERO5 cameras to be used on their adventure. The trainers were present throughout the event to educate participants on the new products through hands-on experiences.

Over the course of the day, influencers and media members were invited to get down and dirty to capture footage from a variety of activities like mobile ziplining, horseback riding, cruiser bike rides, a sky jump, archery, wall climbing, mini golf, hiking, RC rock crawler racing and e-bike riding, along with opportunities to use the Karma drone at various launch points throughout the camp. To keep the details of their experience fresh and their readers up to speed, press members could also utilize an editing room complete with computers and GoPro editing software.

The brand ultimately took what could have been a standard product launch to the next level by giving attendees direct access to some of GoPro’s most technologically advanced products in an authentic (and picturesque) setting—a far cry from PowerPoint presentations and image slides. The event hit capacity at 320 attendees, including U.S. and international press, generating 500 million impressions from U.S. coverage alone. In total, 2,500 stories published internationally translated to more than 4.5 billion media impressions. No failure to launch here.

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