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Google Think Series App Offers ‘Snackable’ Content

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Year: 2013

Google Think Events inspire senior executives and cmos from its largest client companies to think differently about technology, their industry and marketing. In 2013, the events also demonstrated the power of mobile through a custom app that was fun and engaging and showcased how digital and mobile can change an entire event experience.

Google’s custom app used mobile to deliver utility, facilitate networking and deliver mobile-only moments. It engaged and inspired clients during each Think event with relevant, “snackable” content that amplified on-stage presentations and drove awareness and interest in the broader Think with Google brand. Through the app attendees uploaded profile photos, self descriptions and their interests, then shared their profile with other guests. Those who engaged with the app received points, which they could redeem from the app’s Think Points Store.

The app also provided the event agenda, speaker bios, links to the Think Hub and Google G+ page, second screen technology and the ability to share comments, questions and thoughts throughout the day via a private feed. Similar to an airport kiosk, the app also facilitated event check-in. Attendees received email confirmations with a barcode the evening before the event. When they arrived, they could scan the barcode, print out a badge and enter without the long wait of the standard check-in process. And in a tasty turn of events, attendees could order food and drinks directly via NFC-enabled devices. Those who tapped their device to an item they wanted to order received it two minutes later, hand delivered by a server. Google clients are always asking for more event interactivity and networking, which the app delivered. The app gave them the ability to “brilliant” comments made by their peers on the second screen. They could also browse other attendee profiles and filter results by name or key areas of interest.

They could connect and network by sending in-app messages directly to other attendees. A YouTube playlist offered digital content curated especially for the event. The app also amplified on-stage content and delivered only-at-Google customer experiences. The registration kiosks and mobile café provided fun, useful experiences that showcased the power of mobile. And at the end, a survey allowed attendees to measure event engagement and effectiveness, rate their satisfaction and indicate areas of improvement.

Across its 2013 events to-date, Google has hosted more than 1,300 clients and generated more than 900 mobile app activations, for a 70 percent adoption rate. It has facilitated networking and interactivity, with more than 590 clients opting in to meet with peers. More than 5,400 Think Points were earned and used to redeem 2,601 Google gifts.

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