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Genentech Data Visualizer Engages Attendees at ASCO

Event Design Award Winner—Designer/Builder: Stimulant | Client: Genentech | Project: ASCO (Best Interactive Experience)
Year: 2014

It was the 50th anniversary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting at McCormick Place in Chicago. Biotech brand Genentech wanted to throw a blowout celebration in its exhibit to communicate that it approaches the development of medicines differently than others in the industry. The brand’s goals were two-fold: to rethink how to speak to oncologists and visualize for them the brand’s drug development pipelines; and to gather robust usage data about the attendees to help the brand optimize its spend at ASCO. To do that, the brand deployed a unique data visualizer for its bio-oncology medical development pipeline that gave guests a chance to dig into the way Genentech develops treatments on a molecular level.

Attendees could pinch, zoom and explore every aspect of the process in a way that had never been done before on four pairs of interactive touch screens. The monitors were 32-inch 3M touch screens at drafting-table height and angle, and then large over-the-head plinths with 80-inch displays. The two were using the same application, but the overhead 80-inch displays didn’t show everything the user was doing on the exploration screen, in order to increase mystery and to abide by FDA and ASCO regulations.

The brand recorded more than 6,600 discrete interactions with the experience and more than 2,800 unique viewings of molecules in the pipeline. The users activated about 3,800 of the filters for different types of drugs and treatments, giving Genentech a real sense of what tumor types and mechanisms of action interest oncologists. Thanks to this approach, the brand can move forward into future events with a much stronger sense of what the doctors need to know about its products, and that’s a prescription for a win.

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