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GE Tech Solutions Center Provides Interactive Showcase

Event Design Award Winner—Designer/Builder: EP&M International | Client: GE | Project: GE Technology Solutions Center (Best Permanent Corporate/Retail Installation)
Brand: GE
Year: 2014

Stavanger is considered the capital of the oil industry in Norway and one of Europe’s main energy centers, so building the permanent GE Technology Solutions Center for the GE Oil & Gas experience there makes plenty of sense for the brand. It is located in a dedicated stand-alone three-story building adjacent to the brand’s main offices.

The first step of the build process: finding a space, and GE did just that with a creative edge. The brand took a dilapidated, out of date building and transformed it into a state-of-the-art facility showcasing GE’s technologies to the Oil & Gas industry.

The GE Technology Solutions Center was designed to provide GE with an interactive showcase space in which to hold collaborative sessions with their current and prospective customers. To accomplish the project’s goal, the building was gutted to exposed slab and walls. All mechanical and electrical systems were demolished, replaced and reengineered. To improve the flow of the first floor, GE demolished the existing entrance and created a new entrance by closing an area of the building previously open to the outside. Cool grey tones in the flooring and walls set off brilliant displays positioned throughout the roomy space.

The focal point of the new center is a 20-foot-tall video wall in the atrium that is used to illustrate for guests the different oil and gas process designations and the full extent of GE’s products and service offerings and their applications.

The whole space is a little more than 10,000 square feet, and while not gigantic, the strategic design of the layout and visual impression make for a truly engaging, memorable and persuasive experience.

Talk about a transformation.

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