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GE Mirrors the Magic of Show Floor on Event Website

Brand: GE
Year: 2009

Creating a successful event website is about bringing the immediacy of real-world brand experiences to life online. GE Healthcare mirrored the magic of its show floor presence at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference last year with real-time interactive features on its website, The annual conference, which attracts potential diagnostic imaging customers from around the globe, is an important event for the brand (80 to 90 percent of the company participates). To make sure its employees and customers stayed connected, the company peppered its website with Twitter, blogs and custom-built features that catered to attendees’ individual needs.

“We wanted to take advantage of what’s going on in social media and decided to put a lot of different components into the site that would cause people to join the conversation,” says Jim Salinsky, Marketing Communications Manager at GE Healthcare. Salinsky tweeted real-time interviews he conducted on the show floor and breaking news to transport the live experience online. “People that couldn’t come to the show says they could experience it just like anybody else by visiting the website.”

The company also allowed customers to customize their show experience both on- and offline. Via its On The Show Floor interactive map, customers could zoom in on specific product areas to pick and choose what products they wanted to learn more about. Customers unable to visit the booth could still take a deep dive into product features while customers at the show could print a hardcopy to make better use of their time at the booth. Customers could also personalize their experience by selecting the My RSNA feature. Users created a profile then added products to their page and, for those going to the live event, scheduled sessions to attend during the show.

The 2008 RSNA website saw triple the traffic compared to previous years. Before and during the event, the website received about 2,000 page views per day. In the first two months the site was live it generated more than 31,500 page views. The website is still being used to give potential customers access to product information.

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