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Gap ‘Bratenders’ Put Consumers at Ease

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Brand: GAP
Year: 2006

GapBody set out to talk to women ages 18 to 35 about something they don’t like to discuss at home—let alone in the middle of a shopping mall—their bras. “Because it’s odd for someone to talk about bras, we wanted to build an experience with something fun to do instead of being overly marketing to them and saying ‘buy a bra,’” says Julie Alonso, Gap’s director-partnerships and events. “We’re educating them about something important and giving them a reason to go to the store where we had people waiting with open arms.”

For stops at 20 malls in 40 days (plus a four-day stint at Olympus Fashion Week in New York City), the Bra Bar was made to feel like a comfortable lounge area. To put customers at ease, brand reps introduced themselves with a short quiz that helped them identify the shopper’s fashion vibe. A Gap “bratender” followed up with the quiz results and offered information about bras, sizing and the options available in store.

As women exited the space, they received their quiz results, a coupon for 20 percent off a bra purchase that day, an additional discount card for five future bra purchases, a list of bra styles suited to them, a custom designed fortune cookie and a flavored water named after one of the style types identified in the fashion quiz—all inside a GapBody backpack. Customers who went into the store and participated in a free two-minute bra fitting also received a free pair of panties.

The campaign helped increase in-store bra fittings by more than 600 percent in tour markets, and bra sales showed a measurable increase—in some cases as much as double. Says Alonso: “Given the personal nature [of the product], I was surprised and delighted that we were able to engage women in an authentic way and were able to get them into the store, too.”

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