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Frito-Lay Mobile Dunk Tank is a Real Cracker Jack

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Agency: RALLY
Year: 2014

This experience was more than just a physical activation. With the help of West Coast Customs and its founder Ryan Friedlinghaus (of “Pimp My Ride” fame), the mobile dunk tank made quite a splash on the road and on an hour-long episode of the new WCC show airing on Fox and through WCC’s social media channels.

The activation deployed a photo engagement that automatically uploaded event photos to the social networks of the photo subjects as well as those of Cracker Jack’D. “Auto-posting” generates exponential social media impressions without distrupting the consumer’s on-site experience.

The Splash Party generated awareness of the new Cracker Jack’D brand launch among millennial-age males by providing an engaging platform (read: babes in bikinis) for sampling among the target audience and compelling hands-on interaction and familiarity with the brand. As it moved across the country, stopping at millennial faves such as the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, CA, and Hot August Nights in Reno, NV, it encouraged social engagement through the experience to generate awareness and cultivate followers for the brand.

The experience was crafted to attract millennial males from maximum distance, engage them in the event and activate them into accepting a product sample and providing their personal information via an RFID photo engagement that was the gateway requirement to “play.” Those that participated could toss a Cracker Jack’D bag, trigger a dunk tank and dunk a girl.

The highly stylized, black exterior of the converted RV proved hard to ignore. Inspired by the eye-catching design of Cracker Jack’D packaging, the RV featured a transparent water-filled dunk tank dubbed “Splash Party.” Vehicle-mounted cameras streamed video in real time to a 50-inch TV screen on the exterior of the RV, enabling attendees to see themselves as they got in on the action.  Consumers could follow the tour and check out the streaming video at each stop by visiting the Cracker Jack’D brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Guys inevitably found the vehicle and the bikini-clad girl perched on its roof sitting atop a dunk tank irresistible. Pumping music and a bevy of girls in skimpy swimsuits giving away free bags of Cracker Jack’D helped draw them in. The chance to dunk the girl, along with having their photo taken in front of the killer vehicle designed by West Coast Customs and instantly uploaded to their social networks added to the excitement.

Cracker Jack’D quantified as the No. 1 warehouse snack launch in convenience stores in 2013. All 1.5 million samples were distributed. It achieved more than 1.1 billion in earned media impressions and more than 20 million social media engagement impressions.

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