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Fox’s Gotham Zip Line Teases TV Series at Comic-Con

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Brand: FOX
Year: 2015

Ask any attendee at Comic-Con if they wished they could be a real-life super hero and most would probably say yes.

Fox helped fulfill this near universal fantasy by giving conference attendees the chance to fly like a super hero, and then share the experience with friends. To tease the premiere of “Gotham,” a crime TV series based on characters that appeared in the Batman franchise, Fox let fans at the 45th Comic-Con San Diego International channel their inner super hero by zip-lining through the Gotham city landscape.

Two “buildings” linked the zip-line course and featured larger-than-life tune-in information. At 130-feet long and 30-feet high, with a matching Gotham cityscape behind it, fans soared through the air, and following the adrenalized experience, received a shareable photo of their heroic ride and a free t-shirt, too.

In addition to the activation outside the San Diego Convention Center, Fox integrated an Uber promotion, effectively spreading the messaging throughout the city. Fans afoot at Comic-Con who were Uber users could hitch a free ride in a specially designed, antique-style Gotham Police car. All they had to was open up the Uber app and select Gotham PD on the Uber slider. Inside the branded cars, passengers got a sneak preview of special “Gotham” content. Fans could also track these “patrol rides” on Uber’s San Diego Twitter feed. At the convention center, they could secure “Gotham”-themed lenticular collectibles at the Fox Fanfare booth every day during the convention.

Not only was the activation a supreme adventure for fans, it made for stunning visuals and fodder for those on the ground observing and snapping photos of the set–exactly the effect you want a street activation to have. To top it all off, “Gotham” producers and cast, including stars Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue made an appearance, and the mayor of San Diego kicked it off by zip lining in a full suit. Baller.

Close to 6,000 fans went through the zip line experience, and the brand distributed more than 10,000 t-shirts. Fox estimates it earned $400,000 in value on the media attention the experience received.

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