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Ford Targets Younger Demo With Crowdsourced News Show

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Brand: FORD
Year: 2016

Brands are increasingly expected to have an authentic conversation with their customers. Ford Social Square, a crowdsourced news magazine show, revved up conversation at auto shows with Gen Y and Gen Z car buyers of the future and encouraged on-stand and online conversation with the brand.

Ford Social Square was presented by social media celebrities Brittany Louise Taylor and Chad Jamian Williams, who shared trending stories to attract a new, younger and more diverse audience through co-created content that encouraged conversation with the brand at auto shows. The hosts displayed, generated and posted stories in multiple formats, from tweets, Instagrams and Vines to complete magazine-style pages with real-time data as they unfolded throughout the day. A 285-foot-long, 11-inch-wide by 10-foot-tall LED ribbon enveloped the media scape, while seven 55-inch multi-action screens allowed the hosts to select and throw content onto the surrounding LEDs.

A multi-camera setup captured content that was then mixed in the back of house and streamed out to more than 1,300 viewers. A “Ford Virtual Auto Show” took the experience to social media to those who couldn’t or didn’t want to attend. Comments and responses of those engaging in social conversation on or off the exhibit became part of the immersive content across all the LED screens around the space and Ford media streams, enabling those who couldn’t attend to join the conversation.

Ford Social Square behaved like a broadcast magazine show (complete with live streaming), and generated substantial reach online and across social media networks. The show garnered 7,875 on-site registrations and more than 12,000 visits to the online destination and achieved a total reach of 13.5 million.

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