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Ford Puts a New Spin on Tupperware Parties

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Brand: FORD
Year: 2009

Think ladies only buy plastic bowls at house parties? Or lingerie? Think again. On May 19, 2009, Ford tied the fun of having a neighborhood party with its sponsorship of “American Idol” to create 1,000 in-home events where women (and a few men) got to watch the first night of the show’s two-day finale with their friends. Some even took a Ford Fusion or Fusion Hybrid for a spin around the block. As a result, more than 17,700 consumers experienced and learned about Ford Fusion while watching one of the most popular shows on TV on one of the show’s most exciting nights.

The house party hosts met specific profiles defined by Ford and were deemed to be passionate advocates for the brand. They invited friends and family to join in the fun. Their experience was shared by millions via a custom-branded website deployed in the weeks before the parties, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Local dealers delivered vehicles to 319 hosts’ homes, giving those hosts and guests a hands-on look at the Ford Fusion. Hosts that did not receive a car learned about the Fusion through a DVD starring former “American Idol” contestant Ace Young driving and touting the features of the new vehicle. Hosts also received a branded party pack that helped them create a memorable party experience as well as generate post-event buzz and ongoing consumer engagement. The party pack consisted of a tote bag, Ford logo napkins, plates, coasters, cups, balloons, a set of cookie cutters, a Ford “American Idol” welcome sign, “American Idol” pens and more.

In addition, the event offered hosts the opportunity to participate in the “Idol Rocks. Ford Rolls” sweepstakes. Hosts were encouraged to set up a voting page online and direct family and friends to vote for them. Each vote gained the host an additional entry into the sweepstakes and increased the viral impact of the event.

The 1,000 parties helped Ford reach a total of 2.9 million people via partygoers, viral pass-alongs and social media interaction. The event achieved incredible engagement, scoring well above average in blog posts, photo/video uploads, page views, favor downloads and poll votes. Through 319 hosts who had a vehicle at their home, more than 6,300 partygoers directly experienced a Ford Fusion for the very first time.

Even Simon Cowell would have to approve of these results: Thousands of partygoers either test drove or looked at a Fusion; more than 10,000 people opted in to being contacted by Ford.

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