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Ford Fiesta Movement Sequel Reaps Social Media Wins

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Brand: FORD
Year: 2014

Ford’s Fiesta Movement was a defining moment in experiential marketing and was a major factor in the success of the vehicle’s launch. With this year’s Sequel, the brand faced a huge challenge and exceeded all projections to showcase, and ultimately sell, the Fiesta to an unfamiliar market. Well played.

Once again, Ford shows that it can to tap into social media to reap huge rewards. This iteration of the Movement used the growing “user generated” content trend to make activations personal to target consumers.

The Fiesta Movement launched Ford’s little darling to great success, but the sales dipped down until, in the year before the brand launched this sequel, Fiesta sales were down 22 percent year over year. Overcoming that dip by bringing millennial drivers into the fold were primary objectives in moving forward with the program.

Like the original Movement, Ford set out to find 100 influencers to own its campaign, and the Fiesta, for six months. This time, however, the brand went after millennials in a big way. This demographic did not see Ford as the brand for them in the beginning, so the selection of influencers to get a car was even more critical than before. After Ford gave each Fiesta Agent the car, a gas card, a camera, insurance and a daunting list of missions, they set off onto the open road to show off the Fiesta’s moves. The Agents created thousands of intriguing and entertaining bits of content, all communicating the car’s personality and how it can be part of millennials’ active and urban lives. Ford amplified the best Agent content across targeted digital, print, broadcast and outdoor media, but every piece of Fiesta content came straight from influencers, making it Ford’s first-ever 100-percent user-generated campaign.

One of Ford’s core objectives was to generate 310,000 “build and price” actions online during the seven-month campaign. Consumers who go through the build and price process are considered key leads, since it represents significant time spent with a vehicle and frequently leads to requesting a quote or dealer contact. Ford had substantial history on this metric to establish an objective with confidence it would correlate to sales performance. So how did it do?

The Fiesta Movement took the car to a record high in sales and captured more of the target audience than any other car in its class. Among millennials, the Fiesta made up 30 percent of cars sales–which is huge. All told, the agents created more than 14,000 pieces of content, with many millions of YouTube views, photo views and Twitter and Facebook exposures. And to top it off, almost 450,000 consumers built and priced Fiestas during the campaign, 140,000 more than goal.

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